5-Min Energizing Warm-up [Video]

Having ample amounts of energy helps me be more productive throughout the day, and nothing gives me more energy at the start of my day than a quick a warmup.

Here’s what happens when you begin to move…Your heart rate rises, and you increase the flow of oxygen-rich blood through your entire body….from your muscles to your brain. So even a 5-minute session is like a morning latte for your mind. This increase of oxygen in your brain helps you be more productive, concentrate better, and recall information more quickly throughout the day.

That’s right…warming up is a simple solution to improve your brain from the inside out, and have more ENERGY!

Which is exactly why today, I want to give you my favorite 5-min energizing warm-up routine. Whenever you’re feeling like you need a quick pick-me-up, all you have to do is click play, and start moving!