5 Go-To


Desperately seeking energy? In this sleep-deprived, multi-tasking, 100-mph world, by mid day you may be feeling a little low on energy which can impact your motivation and concentration. 

If your current pace is unsustainable, here are 5 convenient, realistic rechargers to rev up, and reboot throughout your day. 

Being alert, focused, and energized is an indescribable experience…. especially when you can sustain it daily. 

There’s a sweet spot in life between work and recovery, doing and being, going and stopping. When you discover that balance, the magic occurs. You’re listening to your body’s cues to eliminate feeling drained and burned out. 

Managing your energy is like managing your finances.

Successful stress management involves monitoring your stress levels and making daily deposits to your emotional energy reserves, by doing nurturing, rejuvenating activities.

When you’re feeling a bit drained, you can put energy back into your account by weeding out what doesn’t serve you, and saving energy for activities and people that leave you feeling happy and fulfilled.

Go-To Rejuvenators… 

4-4-6 BREATH 

The 4-4-6 Breath is a breathing style that can bring you into a relaxed state almost immediately. 

1. Place the tip of your tongue
2. Close your mouth and inhale through your nose to a mental count of 4.
3. Hold your breath for a count of 4.
4. Exhale through your mouth around your tongue for a count of 6. 

This is one breath. Repeat for a total of 4 breaths.


Mindfully tune into the experience of your senses. Think back to the first time you experienced a particularly wonderful sensation. It could be your first kiss, your first snowfall, or the first time you smelled your baby’s skin. Those “firsts” remain vivid because their newness held you, kept you present, during the experience.

Things naturally become more calming if you slow them down. The simple act of washing your hands can be anything from a perfunctory splash-and-rinse to a luxurious ritual, depending on how fast or slow you do it.  Being present in each and every action throughout the day can calm you down.

Take something as automatic as picking up a pencil to write. Do it slowly, giving your senses time to explore its color, weight, temperature, and texture—and this simple act becomes fascinating.


I love what Oprah said about gratitude, “I know for sure that appreciating whatever shows up for you in life changes your personal vibration. You radiate and generate more goodness for yourself when you focus on you have’s instead of your have-nots.”

To make room for gratitude, try a “drain brain.”

Set a timer for five minutes and write whatever comes to mind…your to-do list, what’s making you worried, or anything that’s bugging you. I call it a “brain drain,” and it’s scientifically proven to help reduce anxiety and put a halt to racing thoughts. Write your thoughts down as they come. This technique is very useful for breaking through emotional blocks and getting in touch with your feelings. It can also be a wonderful stimulus to true joy and gratitude. 


Treat yourself to a warm, soothing bath to relax your mind and body after a crazy day. You can turn your bath routine into a ritual by infusing the water with mood-boosting essential oils, a few candles, and a good book. When your toes touch the water, the healing and neurochemical switch begins. Your body responds by decreasing cortisol (the stress hormone), slowing your breathing and heart rate, and helping you achieve a more relaxed and clear state of mind, similar to what you experience during meditation.


A key component to ageless energy is stretching, because over time, tension and tightness can cause stiff joints and muscles that eventually lead to reduced mobility and aging. Maintaining flexibility and range of motion is crucial for preventing joint pain, and resolving posture issues.

Your body is gong to love you after this 8-minute stretch. Prepare for deep relaxation as you melt away tension and improve mobility. This daily kickstart is about releasing and letting go of stress in your hamstrings, back, and neck.

Stretching also helps with:

  • Releasing tension in the upper back for better body alignment and posture
  • Elongating hamstrings and releasing hip flexors to reduce tightness in the lower back
  • Maintaining pliable and flexible muscles to keep you more active and pain-free during daily activities, sports, and walks
  • Releasing tension throughout the body for a better night’s sleep
  • Pairing breath with movement to relax your mind and achieve an overall sense of calm

A little bit of motivation is 8-minutes away.