5 Best Oblique Moves Of All Time

There’s a big secret in the flat abs world…

A killer core isn’t just about a flat tummy. Having a strong, lean torso requires you to pay attention to your oblique muscles.

Developing your obliques does more than boost your confidence. These little muscles that run along the side of your core can make your waist look smaller, protect your lower back, improve your posture, and perhaps most importantly…they help stabilize your spine.

Your obliques help you twist, bend sideways, and hinge forward.  Anytime you’re rotating your torso, you’re focusing on this area. The #1 trick while performing oblique moves is to use your torso only and not your arms and neck.

For instance, if you’re on your back doing a traditional bicycle motion, concentrate on pulling your rib cage down and across your body rather than pulling your elbows across.

I’ve tapped into the 5 BEST oblique moves OF ALL TIME in today’s video so you can look slimmer ASAP! These moves will challenge your obliques from every angle for optimal results.

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