40-Min Audio


Today’s 40-minute audio workout combines cardio and strength moves for a fantastic full-body workout. Double duty!

By pairing 3-min cardio bursts from high knees to twists followed by 1-min of strength training from squats to overhead presses, you’ll burn and firm!

Circuit training is extremely efficient. In one workout, you build endurance and strength, and also blast a lot of calories!

Press play below to get started!

Here’s what to expect… 

3 mins cardio

… high or low impact, your choice! 

+ 1 min strength

… targets every muscle! 

+ 10 rounds! 

What’s more important…cardio or strength?


If cardio is your go-to workout, but you know you should be incorporating more strength training (or vice versa), this workout is a win-win.

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