4 Surprising Benefits of Step Aerobics

The step may appear small and basic compared with some high-tech exercise devices, but don’t underestimate its potential. Its versatility gets results that make a big difference — and that’s exactly why I love this classic piece of equipment.

Bonus: It’s ultra convenient for small spaces.

Just stepping up and down automatically makes the glutes and thighs get to work, which is great. But did you know that by balancing through movements you’re also engaging the core?

Keeping the core strong is so important at every age, as is coordination and agility, which are improved with the step, too. I like to kick things up by adding hand weights so I’m focusing on both the upper and lower body in one workout.

However, there’s a lot more to stepping than just toning. It’s a great calorie burner in not a lot of time, especially if you step to your favorite upbeat music like I do. I also appreciate that the step doesn’t put extra strain or pressure on my joints.

Whether you’re just starting an exercise program or looking to add some versatility, there are many reasons to step up.

Here are 4 outstanding reasons to dust off your step…

Elevate Your Heart Rate

From stepping to jumping… from kicking and squatting, the variety of movements in a step workout challenge both your lungs and heart. This form of working out strengthens your cardiovascular system over time. Engaging in consistent cardio (such as step aerobics) can help prevent heart disease, and lower high blood pressure.


Fire Up Weight Loss

Want to burn significant calories? Then step aerobics is for you! A 30-minute step workout can burn up to 311 calories, depending on your weight and how vigorously you’re moving.

Combine this calorie burn with a sensible diet and you’ll be on the road to losing body fat and achieving your optimal weight.

Having a healthy BMI can prevent illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes.


Strengthen Muscles and Bones

Stepping up on an elevated surface is weight-bearing activity, meaning your body is working against gravity. This puts stress on the bones and muscles, which makes them become stronger!

Plus, maintaining balance while doing single-leg moves during a step class challenges your core. My step workouts also include strength training sections so you’re simultaneously developing lean muscle in the biceps, triceps, shoulders and back while you shape your legs by stepping.

Remember… the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism!


Pro-Aging Trick

The benefits of step aerobics are perfect for redefining the expectations of the 40s and beyond! Step aerobics can improve your balance, coordination and agility, which becomes more and more important with every year.

Step aerobics is adaptable for all fitness levels and ages. Beginners can lower the height of step, and more seasoned steppers can add risers for a higher elevation.


Let’s get stepping!

Top-Selling Step Workouts for Weight Loss

• Timeless Step Workout – This is not your ordinary step routine! This best-selling workout Kathy’s Timeless Collection is a cardio-blasting step workout that includes a full-body weight training routine. It’s a perfect combo to accelerate your metabolism! 

• Fat Burning Breakthrough Step Workout –  This outstanding step workout utilizes interval training to maximize fat burning. Alternate between cardio and weight training segments to build a slim, firm body in less time. (In The Power Step DVD)

• Power Step Workout – Includes three powerful workout segments (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) that you can do separately or together according to your fitness level.

• Great Buns and Thighs Step Workout – In this 50-minute step workout, you’ll get all the calorie-burning benefits of the best step-aerobic routine while toning your buttocks and legs for that lean and shapely look.

4 Complete Step Workouts!