Feeling Forgetful?


If you want to feel laser sharp, then load up on blueberries, leafy green veggies, almonds, avocados and green tea. What you put in your mouth affects more than just your weight. Food has the power to either enhance your brainpower or diminish it…and who wants to knowingly choose to have brain fog and a poor memory?

There’s a connection between food and mood. You know the feeling…when you eat something and you feel more alert and energetic. Then, there’s times when you eat certain foods, and you start to feel lethargic, sluggish and scattered. If this sounds familiar, check out these 5 foods to avoid if you’re feeling forgetful from today’s podcast guest, Dr. Daniel Amen…. 

“It’s interesting that if you have a simple carbohydrate-based diet – bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, sugar – it actually is an anti-depressant initially, because when you raise insulin levels, it drives serotonin into your brain and, short-term, you really like it. It makes you feel better.

The problem is when you raise insulin, it’ll end up lowering your blood sugar and an hour later, you’re going to feel spacy and tired, not to mention that a simple carbohydrate-based diet is associated with diabetes, obesity, inflammation, depression and dementia. So, short-term benefit, big, long-term problem.

Why don’t we put people on a brain-healthy diet, which means protein and healthy fat at every meal because it stabilizes your blood sugar, it decreases cravings and, then, lots of colorful fruits and vegetables with about three times the number of vegetables than fruit, because fruit can be loaded with sugar as well. Think of a plate with 70% plant-based foods, 30% high-quality protein, mix in a lot of healthy fats – think of avocados, nuts, fish, healthy oils. With that diet, you will think better, you will feel better and it will enhance your health over a long period of time.”

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