3 Must-Try


The elusive toned lower tummy can be a challenge to achieve with age. If it seems like matter how much training you do and your lower-belly pooch won’t tighten, try today’s lower-belly strengtheners… 

Unleash strong abs at any age!

Keep in mind, you technically don’t have separate “lower abs” and “upper abs.” When that reference is made, people are talking about different areas of the “rectus abdominis” which is one of the muscles that make up your abs. The rectus abdominis runs from the sternum to the pelvis…Think “6-pack.”

However, it is possible to primarily activate one part of the rectus abdominis. The particular movement you’re doing will determine which part of the muscle (and the rest of the ab area) is working. For example, crunches target more of the upper area, while leg lifts target more of the lower area. 

When it comes to losing the pooch, the solution is a two-part equation. The first step is to tone the stuff you can cinch (muscle), and the next step is to burn the stuff you can pinch (fat).

Core exercises will strengthen your ab muscles, but they won’t shift the layer of fat on top…. that’s where HIIT training comes into play. 

To eliminate the guesswork in strengthening the lower part of your belly, try today’s 4-minute video….the heel tap move is my favorite! You can blame me if it hurts to laugh tomorrow 😉