Glute-centric routines have become super popular, and for good reason. They’re the biggest, most metabolically active muscles in your body. They provide lower body strength, power, and speed.

Here’s a little glute tutorial… 

Your glutes are the three muscles that make up your buttocks and hips.

The largest is the gluuteus maximus. It’s the muscle you use when you lift your leg behind you or rotate your thigh outward.

The gluteus medius and gluteus minimus are located on the sides of your hips. It is these glute muscles that assist in raising your leg to the side, rotating your thigh outward when your leg is straight, and inward when your hip is bent.

Just remember…Too much time sitting tightens your hip flexors and results in glute amnesia, when the gluteus medius stops activating. This can cause your whole body to get thrown out-of-whack! 

Build a better backside and let your glutes lead the way with today’s 35-minute “rump roaster” workout.  It will tone your entire lower body and back to help you achieve a rounded, lifted butt.

Save this workout and add it to your routine for three non-consecutive days this week. Your backside will thank you! 

Here’s a surprising fit fact…

Doing lower body exercises are about more than vanity. A study found that leg routines (especially weight-bearing exercises) are important for the health of your brain and nervous system. Your lower body sends critical signals to the brain that help create neural cells which help you handle stress and adapt to challenges. 

Join me in today’s workout for a tight and toned lower body!