You might be surprised how many leisure hours you spend in front of screens every day. If you adjust your schedule or turn off your phone, TV or computer for just 30 minutes, you could have time to fit in a workout! You don’t need to designate a lot of time for exercise… especially if you’re HIIT training. 

Today’s 30-minute walking audio uses a series intervals which are short bursts of higher-intensity activity, followed by a period of lower intensity active recovery. This pattern allows you to burn more calories and improve your overall fitness level. And who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Walking is the “no-excuse workout,” because all you need to do is step out your front door. You don’t need any equipment, and it’s easy on your joints. 

My goal is to make moving easy and fun! Try stepping away from the TV for a few minutes and give this walk a try. It’ll help amp up your energy… you might even want to do a few ab moves afterwards 😉