3 Ways to Live

1. Go on a Heart Scavenger Hunt

Remind yourself that love is all around you by embarking on a heart-shaped nature scavenger hunt by searching for natural heart shapes. Look out for heart shapes in rocks, plants, trees, and clouds. Being on the lookout turns life into a scavenger hunt and keeps you present, not missing out on the beauty surrounding you.

Take pictures and share your hearts on our Facebook group! I’d love to see. 💕 ❤️ 💝

2. Move Your Body to Change Your Mind

Movement can elevate your happiness. Adjusting your posture, rhythm, and breathing can change your mind to think more positively. Today’s 20-minute video (above) guides you through a series of standing and floor stretches to boost your mood and nurture a feeling of well-being.  The dynamic motions will also release tension in your back, hamstrings, arms, and shoulders.


3. Cultivate Mindfulness

When you feel your good mood evaporating, a mindfulness meditation can help you identify any unwanted, intrusive thoughts that steal your positive outlook. You may be surprised by how quickly a simple meditation or visualization can help sharpen the quality of your thoughts. Practicing the BLT Technique can help eliminate repetitive doubts and stuck thoughts that might be dimming your mood. You can try it, right now, wherever you are: