3 Tips to


Take the edge off heat and humidity spikes this summer with a refreshing, nutritious, satisfying smoothie. The abundance of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables makes for a wide range of delicious summertime shake options that will please your taste buds and supply you with the essential nutrients your body needs to beat the heat. 

To keep your recipes go-to fresh while enjoying the summer bounty, here are three tips to shake your smoothie up a notch….

  1. Play with herbs ~ ginger root and sprigs of parsley are a winning combo that boost the fresh factor of any smoothie. Along with the beneficial micronutrients and antioxidants they provide, these tasty plants are easy on your stomach and help your digestion. Start small with a sprig or two of parsley and see how you like it. Same with the ginger. I prefer grating fresh ginger root into my smoothie, but powdered ginger works well, too; either adds a nice kick.

  2. Think outside your go-to produce box ~  try adding cucumber or celery to your shake. Cucumbers are summer standouts in the produce world — they add a fresh watery goodness to any shake. Celery – like cucumber – has a high water content and adds a cleansing feel to a smoothie.

  3. Go wild ~ your local health food store or the natural-foods section in your market are excellent resources for expanding your shake repertoire. A little touch of the exotic through add-ons like acai powder, chia seeds, maqui, wheat grass, dried nettles, or turmeric can go a long way to enhance the flavor and feel of your summer shake. Start small and see how a shake on the wild side feels.

Let the sun shine in with these 3 fresh and flavorful warm-weather smoothie recipes….  

Apricot Dream Smoothie

Cherry Chocolate Smoothie 

Avocado Strawberry Mint Smoothie