3-Second Technique To Achieve Your Goals …Big Or Small!

This week in the Washington Post, my daughter Kate Grace spoke about how over the past six months while preparing for the Olympic trials, doubt would unexpectedly pass through her mind….doubt that she couldn’t qualify for the Olympics.

Each time she met with this thought, she greeted it with the same three words….

“I’m an Olympian.” She would repeat it aloud to herself.

And here she is, an Olympian, through years of hard work and practicing techniques to break free from negative thought patterns.

As Kate has experienced, shifting your mind-set is a powerful choice. And because it doesn’t always look like a choice, people often miss it.

To be successful, it’s important to adopt the proper attitude to react to ever-changing circumstances. Knowing how and what you picture in your mind will create the mood you’re in and the kind of behaviors that follow.

Remember, the quality of life is determined NOT by what happens to you, but rather by what you do about what happens.

My attitude has always been that you need to pay attention to the chatter in your mind, and when it starts bad-mouthing the world, respond accordingly.

(To learn more about how to shift from negative to positive thoughts, listen to my podcast with Dr. Patrick Porter!)

I also like to use affirmations to shift my mindset and keep me on track.

Here’s the affirmation from Destination Satori that I’ve been saying lately. Sometimes I just recite “I am impactful” out loud, and sometimes I’ll rehears the whole affirmation.

I Am Impactful
I carve a path that impacts the vibration of others
and makes a difference in the world.
As I move through time and space,
I am influencing the course of everything
in front and behind me. By going forward,
I leave behind a changed environment
that ripples out in all directions.
I choose to make a positive impact on the world
with my thoughts, words and actions.