3 Recipes To Activate Your Skinny Gene

If you need one more reason to start packing your grocery cart with superfoods such as kale, turmeric, and omega-3s, look no further than the skinny gene activator!

Foods that contain high levels of Sirtuin activators are known as “sirt foods.” These foods trigger your body’s “skinny gene,” formally known as SIRT1, to work in high gear.

Research shows that these “skinny gene activators” are found in plant superfoods such as kale, fish oil, onions, apples, turmeric, green tea, blackcurrants, and cacao powder.

Sirt Foods are a family of age-related proteins and regulate many cellular and organismal functions, including metabolism, inflammation, and telomere length. Their main job is to regulate the activity of genes responsible to help suppress your appetite, kick cravings, and help control the way your body stores and handles sugars and fats.

The SIRT1 gene is back in the news, because Adele revealed that the Sirt Food Diet is the secret behind her incredible weight loss success.

If you want to naturally flip your fat-burning switch, feel fantastic, and enjoy delicious meals, don’t miss these 3 recipes to activate your skinny gene…

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