5 No-Sweat Desk-ercises To Do At Work

“I have no time to exercise.” Well, who does? Until you make exercise a priority, you won’t be able to find time. Consider this: If the president of the United States and executives of top companies can fit in exercise, so can you…even if it means squeezing in a few of the 5 no-sweat desk-ercises while at work using the ankle cuffs from my Ultimate Lower Body Lift Kit. Click here to get yours while they last! 

1. Hamstring Stretch

How to do it:
Sit at the edge of your chair and extend your left leg forward. Feel the stretch in your hamstring as you lean forward. Place your hands on your right leg for support. Keep your abdomen tight and your chest up. Go as far as it is comfortable. Release and sit back up. Now, place your left leg across your right with your left foot resting on your right knee. Press down on your left knee to open the leg while leaning forward. Inhale and exhale releasing all tension.

2. Spinal Stretch

How to do it:
Prop your right leg across your left knee and do a spinal twist, twisting your right shoulder towards the back. Grab the chair behind you for support and focus your gaze behind you. Take 2 deep breaths focusing on your inhale and your exhale. Release and come back to center. Repeat on the opposite side

3. Leg Extensions

How to do it:
With your ankle cuffs strapped on, stand beside your chair, holding on to it for balance. Support yourself on your right leg, while extending your left leg forward for 15 repetitions. Remember to keep your knee lifted, and keep your spine tall. Repeat on the other side.

4. Diagonal Taps

How to do it:
With your ankle cuffs strapped on, position yourself with your legs shoulder-width apart. Keep a straight, tall spine and balance yourself on your left leg. Place your right leg slightly behind you, and tap your foot on the ground, ankles pointed to the ceiling. Repeat 10 times, then turn your tap into a reach, bringing your knee up. Repeat 10 times and switch legs.

5. Hamstring Curls

How to do it:

With your ankle cuffs strapped on, face a chair and balance yourself on your right leg. Take your left leg behind you, tuck your hips under, and bend your leg toward your buns 10 times. For more advanced, pulse the leg 10 times before extending back down to beginning position. Remember to keep your knee back!

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Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 5.33.21 PM

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