3 Muffin-Top Melting Moves For The Weekend

Summer is officially only two days away, and if your favorite shorts are feeling a little too tight around the edges, don’t be afraid! Get in action with the 3 muffin-top melting moves below. These simple but effective exercises combine belly-fat-blasting moves that will cinch in your waist and make your muffin top disappear in no time!

For the ultimate muffin-top blaster, combine the three moves below with a 30-minute Fat Burning Walk (for a free weekly walking program, click here).

In order to achieve faster results, remember that diet plays a key role in weight loss. Let’s do the math…1 pound equals 3,500 calories, which means you need to eliminate 500 additional calories a day to burn a pound a week. Sound impossible? Try this…Cut back on eating just 250 calories a day, and add in a 30 minute walk to your daily routine. Adding in a 30-minute walk will burn off roughly the additional 250 calories you need to meet and perhaps even exceed your goal of losing a pound a week.

When it comes to diet, many times, it’s the simple things that help cut the most calories. Diet fads come and go, but simple calorie-cutting tips stand the test of time – and waistline! They are my go-to when giving advice to friends and family. Don’t miss my 30 Simple Ways To Cut Calories This Weekend

It’s time to get melting….start now with:

  • 3 muffin-top melters (below)
  • 30-minute walk
  • Cutting 250 calories from your diet with the 30 Simple Ways To Cut Calories This Weekend


(Plus, don’t miss the 30-Days To Your Best Abs Ever Challenge! Click here for more info.)

Move #1: Charlie’s Angels



What it does:

  • This upright core exercise puts a lively twist on traditional oblique training.

How to do it:

  • Sit upright with knees bent, feet on the floor, chest lifted. Lift your feet off the floor, tucking your knees into your chest. Interlace your fingers and point them forward.
  • Using your obliques, swivel your knees side to side.


  • Keep your chest lifted and your spine straight, making sure not to slump.
  • You can start by placing your hands on the floor for support. If the side-to-side movement is too challenging, start by just balancing with your feet off the floor before adding the swivel.


  • Move your hands in opposition to your legs. As the knees and legs drop to the right, your hands and elbows will aim at your left hip.


 Move #2: Horizontal Crunch



What it does:

  • You’ll love the gorgeous, fluid motion of this exercise, designed to target the obliques on a whole new level.

How to do it:

  • Start lying on your side, with your bottom leg bent and top leg stretched out long. Extend your bottom arm out on the floor directly in front of you, using that hand as a stabilizer.
  • Reach your top arm straight overhead, and lift the top leg off the floor using your oblique.
  • Lift your top arm and leg off the floor toward each other, squeezing the top oblique throughout the movement.


  • Use the bottom arm to help you lift your body a little higher so your top arm can get a little closer to the top leg.


  • Keep firing your obliques, and work in an extra squeeze by holding the top part of the movement for an extra beat.
  • Flip the bottom arm, so your bottom palm is facing up, and avoid using that arm strength for extra support, relying on your core to drive the movement.


Move #3: Spiderman


What it does:

  • Channel your inner superhero with this fun and challenging variation on the squat, blasting the muscles in the glutes, legs and, of course, the core.

How to do it:

  • Start with a basic squat: Standing with legs slightly wider than hip-width apart, lower the hips down toward the floor into the squat position.
  • As you’re squatting down, reach the right hand toward the floor and the left hand up toward the ceiling.
  • Press yourself back up to standing, and then repeat on the other side: Left hand reaches to the floor while right hand reaches toward the ceiling.


  • Start slowly and gently to ensure proper form, and remember to engage your core muscles throughout the room. Keep your neck and shoulders relaxed.


  • Add some propulsion: Instead of returning to standing in between each squat, press yourself up into a small jump. Be sure and land with soft knees after each jump.

BONUS Move #4: Roll-Overs



How to do it:


  • Lying facedown on the floor with your arms and legs extended, lift your upper body and legs off the floor, making sure to keep your feet together.
  • Without moving your shoulders or legs, use the strength of your abs to roll to your right side until your back is on the floor and you’re facing the ceiling. Remember, your hands and feet never touch the floor!
  • Slowly roll back, keeping the belly button pulled in toward the spine throughout the entire movement.
  • Aim for 10 repetitions on each side

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