3 Meditations To Nourish Your Heart

One of the defining moments in my life was spending a week in Bali taking a meditation workshop and learning Ayurvedic principles from some of the best practitioners in the world. I interviewed one of the lecturers, Mark Bunn, on the podcast. LISTEN TO THE EPISODE

After re-listening to this episode, my big takeaway is the importance of nourishing the heart before nourishing the body.

There are many ways to nourish the heart… one of my favorites is to take a little personal quiet time—time to breathe, to daydream, to listen to nature, and feel the internal batteries recharging. During these times of meditation, I notice my thoughts begin to quiet as I enter into my heart.

Take a few moments today to tune into your breath and tap into the sensations of the space as one breath ends and the next breath begins. Try today’s 3 meditations to nourish your heart…. see below.

Meditation can be made simple. It’s far from the stereotype of sitting motionless in lotus position. In reality, meditation is all about living your life to the fullest, moment by mindful moment.

Although there are countless techniques and outlets for finding tranquility and boosting energy, meditation is particularly appealing because you can access it throughout the day during stressful situations, no matter how chaotic life can seem, or where you are.

1. Nature Meditation

One of my favorite ways to change my mental state is to meditate deeply on a part of nature. Take five minutes to look closely at a flower. Study the details of its texture and the structure. By observing the smallest features of a flower or any object, you develop a sense of reverence. The flower becomes a little miracle. You begin to see how complete and fully alive the natural world is at all levels. Meditating on nature can be calming, fascinating, and inspiring all at once.

2. Gratitude Meditation

I love what Oprah said about gratitude, “I know for sure that appreciating whatever shows up for you in life changes your personal vibration. You radiate and generate more goodness for yourself when you’re aware of all you have and not focusing on your have-nots.”

Tune into your breath and notice the natural flow of the inhale and exhale. Don’t change your  breath, simply observe it. Pay attention to where in your body you feel the breath… your throat? Chest? Belly? Nose? As you feel the sensations of the breath, think of three very small things you’re grateful for. Perhapts its the way the sunlight feels warm on your skin, or the smell of tea steeping on the table next to you. 

3. Breathing Meditation

For five minutes, sit in silence and observe your breath. Don’t worry about getting lost in thought. When you notice your mind wandering, simply be kind to your wandering mind and return to your breath. Softly and simply say to yourself, “wandering,” or “thinksing” to return to the practice of breath.