3 Hormones For a


Do you work out regularly, and still have belly fat around your stomach? If you want to melt extra fat around your middle and experience significant, lasting change, exercise alone isn’t enough.

Here are the 3 most important hormones that impact belly fat… 

1. Insulin – In your 40s, blood sugar tends to start rising. It’s not just a minor thing. It goes up by an average of about 10 points per decade. That’s a sign that you’re creating more inflammation in your body.

2. Cortisol – Cortisol is the main stress hormone. Belly fat has four times the number of cortisol receptors as fat elsewhere. So, when you have a high level of stress, the cortisol can stimulate belly fat.

3. Growth hormone – This is the hormone that’s involved with keeping you younger. It’s a growth and repair hormone. You especially make it when you’re sleeping, and you tend to have less of it as you get older.

If you want a flat midsection, the goal is to keep all three of these hormones in the sweet spot for you so that you can prevent belly fat from accumulating.

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