Comfort Zone…


Comfort is a drug. It’s addicting to stay in that place of comfort once you get used to it. Give anyone consistent and easy access to food, mind-blowing sex, and cheap entertainment and their ambitions will be thrown right out the window.

When you feel yourself getting too comfortable, consider it your warning sign that it’s time to immediately raise your standards and wage war on mediocrity… because the comfort zone is where your ambitions go to die!

The point is, in order to grow, it’s important to learn how to step outside your comfort zone…

What is a comfort zone? A comfort zone is something you carry with you as you move through life. This comfort zone is very much like an invisible bubble of sorts that surrounds your psyche. And as you go about your day and encounter different circumstances, this bubble constantly expands and constricts depending on your situation.

In other words, as you confront a situation your psyche is either free to do more in that particular situation, or it is in some ways constricted and therefore cannot expand to its full potential. And when your comfort zone cannot expand, your psyche is forced to do less than it is capable of doing.

When you’re in your comfort zone, it’s like you’re in the center of these concentric circles that either expand or constrict based off of your situation. And the first circle you’re really comfortable in. The second circle, you’re a bit more tentative. And by the time you’re in the 4th or 5th circle you’re so unfamiliar you don’t go there.

If you can’t confront something that’s outside of your comfort zone, then you won’t venture forward. And you can’t expand. In other words, you keep yourself limited.

It’s true in fitness. For instance, with running. Let’s say you can comfortably run a 9 min mile. Then you start a little HIIT training, add in some sprints, and eventually that 8 ½ min mile starts to feel more comfortable…and eventually the 8 min mile.