Step 1: Burn Off Belly Fat!

Summer is here! Which means it’s time to lather up your sunscreen, grab your sun hat, and celebrate! There are all kinds of ways to get fit for swimmingsuit season…between walking, biking jogging, or walking across Spain on the Camino De Santiago 😉

Here’s the great news about toned summer abs: We’ve all got them! It’s just a matter of strengthening them – and burning off the layer of fat that may be covering them up.

Here’s a summer ab workout to the rescue! To melt away that layer of fat covering your muscles, try this 10-minute dance-inspired cardio routine. Burning belly fat has never been so fun!

Once you melt away that layer of fat covering your muscles, the trick is to find a routine that trains your core from every angle. Try this 10-minute “Miracle Abs” routine. It is packed with ab-centric moves so your strong abs will be front and center… Get started!


…With Walk Away The Inches!

Walk Away The Inches includes 5 of Kathy Smith’s most popular fat-burning walking audios:

✅ Power Walk – High-intensity walk that keeps you on tempo, and short interval bursts help you reach your fat-burning goals. 

✅ Pump Up The Pace – Incorporates brief interval bursts shown to help break through any weight loss plateaus and improve your cardiovascular health. 

 Walk It Off – Coaches you on the proper techniques to get the most out of your workout! 

✅ 30/15 Total Body Tune-Up – Total-body workout that begins with a 30-minute rolling hills walk, and finishes with 15 minutes of resistance training for all of your big calorie-burning muscles…back, chest, legs, and buns. 

✅ 30/15 Core Walk –  30-minute interval training walk topped off with 15 minutes of results-driven core training. This walking workout coaches you on proper technique to get the most out of your workout! 

5 Walking Audios… Only $29.99!

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