This is a fan favorite because each the 20-min circuit is a complete total-body reset that incorporates strength training mixed with cardio to keep you wanting more!



Lack of balance may be shrinking your world…don’t let it!

Having a strong sense of balance allows you to fully enjoy life’s adventures…from skiing to hiking…from yoga to walking.  

Your eyes, ears, brain and your sense of body position are the three main sensory circuits that work together to keep you in balance.

This simple, often neglected skill can have big benefits later in life.

Beginning around age 40, balance starts impacting your quality of life and longevity. 

 A recent study with 1,700 older adults found that 20% of participants couldn’t balance on one leg for 10 seconds or more. That inability to balance was associated with a twofold risk of death from any cause within 10 years.

If you find that your balance has shifted, or you’re noticing more of a sense of instability lately, here are three ways to improve your balance… 



When you’re brushing your teeth in the morning, try standing on your right leg for 60 seconds, then your left leg for 60 seconds. 

When you incorporate a new habit (like balance) to an old habit (like brushing your teeth) it’s called “stacking,” which makes the new habit more likely to stick! 


To do the flamingo, stand on one leg for 30 seconds with your arms relaxed by your sides. You’ll most likely use your dominant leg. Lift one of your legs, so you’re balancing yourself on one leg. After 30 seconds, switch to the other leg.

Now, jazz it up!

While still standing on one leg, start slowly swinging your suspended foot forward, back and out to the side. This is a dynamic action, so you’ll feel all the muscles of your stabilizing leg working hard to keep stationary.


In today’s 20-minute video, I’ll guide you through a series of dynamic balance exercises to recruit your stabilization muscles and activate your entire body. Dynamic balance is more functional, since it’s more relevant to how we move in everyday life. Imagine walking down the street and you trip, then catch yourself….this is dynamic balance.

You can improve your balance at any age! 

Weight Loss Made Easy

The feature article I created with Women’s World magazine has caused a bit of a buzz! The focus of the piece was carb cycling, and was labeled “the easiest ever weight loss.

I’ve seen the technique work wonders for countless women at midlife and beyond. It’s so simple. You just boost your carb intake for a few days, cut back for a few days, then continue alternating. Results happen quickly. And it feels so great, you won’t even need willpower.

Devotees of the approach say they’ve cycled their way to soaring energy, dramatically better health, and a youthful glow—all while dropping 10, 11, even 12 pounds a week!

By now, most of us have heard that cutting back on carbs forces the body to burn more fat for fuel. Trouble is, constant carb restriction is hard to maintain, and long-term, it can cause a stress response in the body that hinders weight loss and health. This is especially true for older women, whose systems are often less resilient.

Further complicating matters: Low-carb dieters tend to skimp on fiber, the favorite food of trillions of slimming bacteria that live in our gut and are command central for weight control and wellness.

New research hints that those boosting these bacteria can lead up to 1,200% faster fat burn. But if we neglect them, our waistline and every part of us suffers. It’s a big reason many keto dieters plateau and can’t lose again.

Enter carb cycling. The tactic offers almost all the advantages of a lower-carb diet but without deprivation, struggle, or negative side effects.

Eat for Vitality incorporates carb cycling with a 6-day jumpstart that alternates between a lower-carb days built around protein, healthy fat and veggies and a higher-carb days with protein, healthy fat and veggies plus a few fiber-rich carbs (quinoa, sweet potatoes, beans or fruit).

The e-book also includes 100+ healthy, wholesome recipes to kickstart weight loss.

Aim to be more physically active on higher-carb days, and less active on lower-carb days.

Eat for Vitality includes…

  • Jumpstart Program: 6 jumpstart days that incorporate carb cycling to kickstart your journey to metabolic flexibility.
  • Simple 6 Fit for Life Eating Plan: Shows you what to eat and when to eat
  • 100+ Healthy, Wholesome Recipes: Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and shakes that will inspire you to eat healthy, whole foods.
  • Transition to Optimal Eating: Techniques to move out of the diet mentality and stop getting caught in a vicious cycle of dieting and then blowing the diet.
  • Facebook Support Group: Accountability, encouragement, and support!
  • BONUS! Stay Calm Solutions: This special technique helps you stop stress-eating, late-night snacking, and binging.