2-Minute Mini-Meditation

These moments of uncertainty may feel overwhelming and difficult for many of us at times. We as humans have been automatically forced to break off from our regular routines and adapt to the guidelines of social distancing. Such dramatic changes can lead to significant increases in stress levels.

Signs of stress, worry, and anxiety aren’t just in your head. They can impact your memory, cognition, work performance, and can even affect your loved ones. Stress that’s left unmanaged can also contribute to several health issues such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and can increase your risk of strokes. 

That’s why it’s so important to understand the physical repercussions of your body’s stress response — plus, how to manage stress long-term. The question then becomes, well how can you get yourself into a more relaxed state naturally, and maintain that relaxation throughout the day? The answer is…. mini-meditation. 

Just like it’s longer cousin, it involves learning how to be more mindful so you can pay attention to the present moment and calm your racing mind.

Today’s 2-min mini-meditation will help you observe the stillness around you and mindfully connect with your body. When you take some time to quiet the noise around you and listen to the beautiful voice within, you can begin to discover the best and truest version of yourself! With meditation, we can choose an internal calm and find joy even amid the chaos!

When you’re feeling stuck in your head, take 2 minutes for this mini-meditation.