May for me means the Big Apple – Manhattan – a chance to be with my younger daughter and experience all the Big Apple has to offer. From the Met, to MOMA to being a ‘momma,’ I truly ♥️  NY.

And lucky me… NY is one of my favorite walking cities!

New Yorkers are always on the go, and I love blending right in. Taking off when I first wake up lights up my brain, calms my nerves and focuses me for the day. 

I hear from so many of you how much you love walking. Wherever my travels lead me, making time for a walking workout always tops my “To Do” list. Enjoying summer sun, putting one foot in front of the other – a step in the right direction toward optimal health. And a recent Harvard newsletter agrees: 

“Walking may be one of the most powerful medicines available.”

Today’s 2-in-1 walking audio combines walking with an upper body strengthener. You’ll start with a 20-minute steady-state walk that gradually increases in intensity, followed by 20 minutes of resistance training to sculpt and tone your shoulders, back, arms, and core.