Remember the summer days when you’d beg your mom to let you ride your bike or play hopscotch for 5 more minutes? It’s because it was too much fun to stop!

If you’re not feeling motivated to workout, chances are it’s because it’s time to amp up the playful factor in your fitness.

Exercise can be repetitive and monotonous. But it doesn’t have to be!

The mid-80’s was the beginning of the low-impact aerobics craze, which was the inspiration behind today’s 15-minute classic cardio workout.

I consider it an un-workout, because it takes you to a happy place and you forget you’re even burning calories.

Get ready to let loose, shake off stress and get high on nostalgia.  From high kicks to shimmies, bring your best energy and dance around the room.

If you have so much fun that you want the full 30-minute workout, you can find it in the ReShape app along with every Kathy Smith workout ever!