15-Min Vibrant Strength Workout

Even though my toes are still warming up from yesterday’s ski adventure, Spring has officially arrived, and soon I’ll start to pack away my puffer coat and wool socks to make room for a warm-weather wardrobe.
Spring and summer on their way means you’ll spend more time biking, swimming, hiking, and adventure chasing!
If you start committing a few minutes a day to a workout, you’ll be able to see some serious results in a few months and tone up to get the most out of your upcoming adventures.
Today’s 15-minute upper body routine is designed to tone your shoulders, biceps, triceps, back, and core… regardless of your fitness level.
These strength training combinations will help accelerate your metabolism, so you’re able to lose body fat while maintaining muscle mass. 
Get ready to tone beautiful arms! A strong, sculpted upper body will give you a boost of confidence.