There are so many reasons for wanting a stronger core, including… 

  • Protects from injury
  • Improves posture which lessens the wear and tear on your spine
  • Relieves back pain
  • Supports your entire body, particularly the back and spine

Whatever your reason for wanting to work on your core, today’s workout will help you build strength and stability while defining your muscles.

But remember, toning your midsection isn’t just about vanity. From the moment you leave your bed in the morning to when you place your head on the pillow at night, you’re always using your core… every moment. 

Many times, we think of “the core” as just our abdominals. But, the core is more than the front of your body! It also includes your obliques, which come around your sides, as well as your spinal erectors, glutes, and your back muscles.

Imagine pulling on a girdle, or a pair of Spanx that would runs from your hips to your ribcage. Anything in this area is your core!

The term “core” focuses on the center of the body…front and back.

The term “ab” focuses on just the front of the body. 

Having a strong core will help you build muscles in every other part of your body, so if you want to to be stronger, start with the core. 

Strong women stay young!