There’s a saying, “flat abs abs are made in the kitchen”, which suggests that what you eat helps you lose fat around then belly.

But, STRONG  abs are made at the Barre! 

With  Barre-style workouts, your core is engaged at all times.  Even in standing positions, your core is activated to maintain a neutral spine.  

Your core is continually contracting throughout the day, from coughing to carrying your grocery bags. How would you get out of bed in the morning without using your core? It’s impossible!

You can’t switch your core on and off… it’s always on. 

Let’s get your core ready for today’s barre workout! Before you can firm your abs, here’s how to find them… 

  1. Lie on the ground, knees bent. 
  2. Press your back gently into the floor
  3. Notice the gap between your lower back and the ground
  4. To reduce the space between you back and the floor, tense your core muscles and your lower back down slightly for 6-10 seconds
  5. Repeat 3 times 

Practicing this regularly will help your core maintain the correct form, and give you better support, control, and balance. 

Today’s routine is a 15-minute barre-style strengthener that blends movements that target the entire girdle (the front, back, and sides of the midsection) to develop 360-degree definition.

Strong abs look good on you!