12-Min Workout


Today’s workout will help prevent tech neck (from looking down at your phone and electronics), reverse “dead butt syndrome” from sitting too often, and it can unlock greater power for your everyday activities and athletic endeavors. 

For peak performance, it’s important to train the muscles you don’t always see in the mirror. The arms, abs, and front of the legs often get more attention than your posterior chain. 

The posterior chain is a powerhouse that includes some of your body’s largest and strongest muscles: the glutes, hamstrings, calves, the little muscles surrounding the spine, and the lower and upper back muscles. This group of muscles plays a large role in your everyday motions, including picking something off the ground, standing up, jumping, or sitting down… so it’s important to keep them toned! 

Targeting the posterior chain will prevent that “getting older” shape — the banana-shaped posture we fall into from slouching too much. 

In poor posture prone positions, back muscles tend to stretch out. If ignored, they’ll eventually lose strength. If you give them attention, you’ll counteract the tendency to slouch, which makes you look taller, confident, and more vibrant.

Maintain so you don’t have to regain!