12-Min Workout


Today’s 12-minute workout video focuses on strengthening the posterior chain to wake up your backside. 
Save this workout and add it to your routine for three non-consecutive days this week. Your legs, butt, and back will thank you!
For peak performance, it’s important to train the muscles you don’t always see in the mirror. The arms, abs, and front of the legs often get more attention than your posterior chain. 
The posterior chain is a powerhouse  that includes your rear delts, glutes, hamstrings, and calves, the little muscles surrounding the spine, and the lower and upper back muscles. This group of muscles helps you generate explosive power, prevent injuries, and maintain posture. 
This group of muscles plays a large role in your everyday motions, including picking something off the ground, standing up, jumping, or sitting down… so it’s important to keep them toned! 
With today’s routine, you’ll get to know the muscles that have your back… literally!

5 Reasons to Have a Strong PC

  • Improves posture and prevents “tech neck” pain from looking down at your phone during the day.  
  • Reduces risk of injury and helps match the strength of the anterior chain (the muscles in the front of the body, including the quadriceps, abdominals, and chest). 
  • Increases walking and running speed from having more powerful leg muscles. 
  • Increases how much weight you can lift and adds more power to your movements. 
  • Revs up your metabolism by increasing your resting metabolic rate (how many calories you burn throughout the day).