10 Untraditional Ways to Do Your Part on Earth Day

1. Say “thanks, but no thanks” to a straw in your drink when you’re dining out

2. Turn off the water when you’re brushing your teeth 

3. Get you receipts electronically at the store

4. Wash clothes in cold water when possible. 

5. Befriend your local thrift shop, and think second-hand first when buying something 

6. Avoid palm oil when possible

7. Instead of grabbing a plastic-wrapped treat when you’re having a bad day, take a yoga class or go for a walk

8. Change light bulbs to LEDs 

9. Wrap up with a sweater, or put on some socks when you’re cold, instead of turning up the heat

10. Start limiting your meat consumption…perhaps with “meatless Monday”… or perhaps Monday or Tues