10 Moves in 10 Minutes!


Your newfound energy is waiting, and it begins the moment you decide to get up and move your body in the morning.

Today’s “10 in 10 Toning and Tuning” audio workout includes functional moves that will jumpstart your day and pave the way to a strong, healthy body.  

This quick burst of movement activates and defines every major muscle group in your body for a functional, time-saving routine. It starts out with a warm-up and then progresses to squats, lunges, bicep curls, tricep kickbacks and more. 

Just grab some weights and let’s get going!

10 exercises in 10 minutes…done! 

Remember, moving for only 10 minutes can also have a dramatic impact on your mood and energy levels. 

Head-to-toe body blasters… Whew! Time for a shower.