10 Moves in 10 Minutes!


How you choose to structure your mornings has a lasting impact on your health.

Plus… research consistently shows that if you want to maximize your productivity, you must harness the power of your morning routine.

Developing small energizing habits of what to do after you part with the pillow can help you conquer even the craziest of days. Having a solid morning routine on auto-pilot gives you more mental horsepower to allocate to big projects or goals you have for the day. 

To jumpstart your morning productivity, press play on this “10 in 10” audio workout. It’s 10 exercises in 10 minutes.

This routine is intended to prime your day and wake up both your body and mind. Moving for only 10 minutes can have a dramatic impact on your mood and quiet mental chatter. 

I like to think of the 10 in 10 as a “the wonder pill” because of all the incredible benefits…

• Reduced risk of heart disease and some types of cancer
• Temporary relief from depression and anxiety  
• Better sleep
• More energy

This workout will fill you with energy to have a productive day.