Protect Your Back & Strengthen Your Core

Today’s 10-min core routine has double the benefits…it strengthens your core and also helps fend off back pain. 

If aging hasn’t been kind to your back, this workout can build control and stability to help prevent pain.

Plus, the moves help develop muscular coordination and teach spine control to protect itself against potentially damaging motions such as extensions, rotations, and flexions.

Fire up the core with today’s 10-minute movement patterns that target the midsection from all angles… front, back, and side. Core strength is what powers you through an adventurous life. 

Many times, we think of “the core” as just our abdominals. But, the core is more than the front of your body! The core includes your abs, obliques, spinal erectors, and glute muscles all working together. Focus on training your core as one unit. 

Don’t forget, your core is necessary for good posture, and it supports your spine.

Core muscles work similarly to a back brace, keeping the midsection stable and upright. Develop your own internal brace with today’s 10-minute routine.