10-Min Workout… Torch Belly Fat!

You already know that target-training is a myth. But this 10-minute “Miracle Abs” routine helps eliminate any extra weight you have hanging around your midsection. It incorporates HIIT training, which helps supercharge your fat loss, and it’s packed with ab-centric moves so when that layer of belly fat disappears, you’ll have strong abs underneath. Yup, it’s true…you have abs. Even if they’re hidden right now. 😉

Dropping weight around the belly is great, but if you want to melt extra fat around your middle and experience significant, lasting change, exercise alone isn’t enough. In a recent conversation with Dr. Sara Gottfried, she shared the 3 hormones to balance for a  flat belly… find out!

Plus..this routine is from my FastFit workout! Grab the entire 1-hour routine here…. Try it! 


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✅ Staying Strong – Four 15-minute workouts that ensure you get a full-body workout. Expect a variety of functional strength-based moves teamed with challenging bodyweight moves to train your arms, abs, and assets.

✅ Lift Weights To Lose Weight -Tone your entire body and boost your metabolism to help you burn calories all day long. This workout includes a 20-min upper-body strengthener, 20-min lower-body tightener, and 10-min core routine for abs and back.

✅ Lift Weights To Lose Weight 2 – This 50-Min workout includes the best of weight training with a Pilates twist! Uses hand weights and rotational balance movements to sculpt your arms and build poise, posture, and a strong, lean core.

✅ 30-Day Calendar – Take the guesswork out of strength training! This day-by-day calendar shows you exactly what workout to do each day.