The step is a timeless piece of equipment that’s popularity speaks for itself. Fitness fads come and go, but STEP is here To STAY!

Step aerobics is a combination of cardio and strengthening that only requires a very small space… a nearly impossible mission for other workout styles. Plus, it gives you the benefits of intense cardio without putting stress on your joints.

All you need is some type of step or platform, and you’ll be ready for this versatile workout. Or, beginners can even start without a step, which makes it suitable for people of all fitness levels and physical conditions.

As you advance, you can intensify the workout by increasing the elevation of the step. Traditional platforms are 4″ without risers, and each riser ads an extra 2″. The bigger the incline, the harder it gets! 

While you’re learning the footwork, keep things simple with your hands at your sides. Then, when you’re ready to level up, add arm movements! When you use dumbbells or resistance bands during the upper body movements, you’re developing lean muscle in the biceps, triceps, shoulders and back while you shape your legs. Stepping is a total-body workout!

Plus, adding arm motions also increases the number of calories you burn… it can be up to 600 in an hour depending on your intensity! 😮 

Step on up with today’s total body routine! This 10-Min Total Body Routine starts with a basic step that builds in intensity, and mixes in arm movements to develop shapely arms and shoulders.