10-Min Total Body Step Workout

A few weeks ago, I joined my daughters in the Big Apple to cheer on participants of the New York Marathon, including my friend Alan who was the oldest runner. He is a superstar at 88! 

Whenever I’m in NYC, I start my day with a workout on the Westside Highway. This time, I stopped at a set of stairs for some step-ups. It was such a flashback, and reminded me how much I LOVE step aerobics. 

As the temperatures drop down, it’s time to STEP UP… in your living room!

Stepping is a total-body workout that will torch calories AND strengthen your entire body from head to toe.

With stepping, you can burn an incredible amount of calories in a very small space… a nearly impossible mission for most other workout styles. 

Today’s 10-minute step workout effectively targets and tones the glutes and hamstrings. Plus, from stepping to jumping… from kicking and squatting, the variety of movements in today’s routine challenge both your lungs and heart to strengthen your cardiovascular system.

Your lower body will be so hot, your legs be on Santa’s naughty list. 

Top-Selling Step Workouts for Weight Loss

• Timeless Step Workout – This is not your ordinary step routine! This best-selling workout Kathy’s Timeless Collection is a cardio-blasting step workout that includes a full-body weight training routine. It’s a perfect combo to accelerate your metabolism! 

• Fat Burning Breakthrough Step Workout –  This outstanding step workout utilizes interval training to maximize fat burning. Alternate between cardio and weight training segments to build a slim, firm body in less time. (In The Power Step DVD)

• Power Step Workout – Includes three powerful workout segments (beginner, intermediate, and advanced) that you can do separately or together according to your fitness level.

• Great Buns and Thighs Step Workout – In this 50-minute step workout, you’ll get all the calorie-burning benefits of the best step-aerobic routine while toning your buttocks and legs for that lean and shapely look.

4 Complete Step Workouts!