What helps you re-open your mind and soften your heart? For me, it’s being in nature…which is why I explore the outdoors often.

Going for a nature walk, wherever you live, can make you more resilient to what the day offers.

One of my favorite parts of living in Park City is that I’m surrounded by mountains, and can easily escape into the fresh air, and let my mind relax…. especially during these times where day day can feel a little scary.

This week, I hiked to my favorite waterfall and struck a yoga pose at the top of the falls. It’s my way of telling the world, “I’m here, I’m awakening my inner warrior.”

An unmistakable sense of peace and serenity fills my spirit when I’m serenaded by the rush of a waterfall, the rustling of leaves, and the chirping of birds. Being in nature increases my positivity and healthy state of mind.

Remember, if you don’t enjoy a workout, you’re more likely to press the snooze button instead of lacing up your shoes. Exercise can be like a shirt in your closet…if it doesn’t bring you joy, it gets thrown out. But who doesn’t enjoy a nice stroll through the great outdoors?

Did you know…

There’s a link between the chemicals released by trees, called phytoncides, and lowered levels of stress hormones!

Looking for more ways to achieve serenity now? Ease the tension from the week and tap into your relaxation response with this 10-min Stretch and Flex video. With both standing and sitting movements, this graceful routine brings suppleness to the joints, hips, shoulders and legs.