Stretching is a key to ageless energy! 

Ease the tension from the week, and tap into your relaxation response with today’s 10-min Rejuvenating Stretch video. With both standing and floor movements, this graceful routine brings suppleness to the joints, hips, shoulders, and legs.

Step-by-step, this routine guides you through 6 straightforward motions specifically designed to help enhance flexibility, heighten your energy, level up your balance, and ease tension.

These rejuvenating motions are all about undoing the stress, tension, and stiffness of the week by relaxing and letting go.

By following along, and incorporating stretching into your daily routine, you’ll gradually experience the maximum benefits that come from stretching, including…

  •  Opening up your hip flexors and lower abdomen which helps reduce tightness in the lower back.
  • Straightening your posture, which helps reduce upper back pain. 
  • Elongating your chest and upper back, so you will stand more upright.
  • Improving circulation, which helps the body recover faster from a workout by removing waste byproducts in muscle tissue.
  • Keeping the muscles flexible, which allows them to extend all the way to avoid joint pain, strains, and muscle damage.

Whether you’re recovering from a workout, suffering from back pain, migraines, chronic tight spots, or simply crave a looser, more flexible body, come join me in today’s stretch.