Since the normal touchstones of everyday life have vanished, maintaining your physical fitness is important to help bust through pent-up energy… especially when you’re feeling on-edge. 

Remember…movement is cumulative! Those short times you spend moving throughout the day add up to big results! Try “movement snacking,” which is breaking up your movement into brief, “snack-sized” portions. In less time than it takes to make your morning smoothie, you can get in some movement, which sends a surge of fresh oxygen through your body and brain.

Ab routines are easy to do anywhere, anytime… without any equipment! Before th shower? No problem. Before lunch? Ready to go! Mid-afternoon? Consider it done!

Keep your ab routine fresh with this 10-minute workout to fine-tune your midsection. It’s packed with ab-centric moves so your strong abs will be front and center.  Even if you have a strong core, these moves will take your routine to a whole new level.

A strong, flexible core impacts nearly everything you do. Think of your core muscles as the link in a chain that connects the lower body and upper body. Whether you’re sweeping the floor, picking up a bag of groceries, or hitting a tennis ball, the motions either start in the core, or move through it. 

From everyday activities such as scooping up a package on the front porch to changing the garbage bag to turning to look behind you, all activities require the use of your core.

This is a sample of one of the off-the-charts workouts you’ll receive in Total Body Toner, an 8-week daily workout and eating program…. learn more about Total Body Toner below!

Fit Over 40
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The body is changing
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No way! It’s 100% FREE. Upon sign up, everything needed to complete the challenge… all the workouts… all the motivation… all the guidelines will be sent in an email. I will share how my specially formulated Protein Powder can help create the best results… but it is entirely OPTIONAL. It’s absolutely not necessary to complete the challenge.

Q: Is the program EASY to follow?
I make all of my programs SIMPLE so that everyone… from beginners to advanced fitness buffs can do it at their level.

Q: Can I do this even if I am not over 40?
Absolutely! In fact… those who join will be getting a giant head start on what it takes to stay toned, vibrant and healthy at any age!

Q: Is there any equipment or gym membership required?
Nope! Everything can be done from the comfort of the home.