Lean, Shapely Legs
+ 10-Min Step Workout

When I want a workout that targets my glutes and thighs, that quickly burns loads of calories, that’s low impact but gives me the cardio I need—and that makes me feel great all over—I hit the steps.

A step is a must-have piece of equipment in your fitness toolbox because of its convenience and versatility. 

Today’s 10-minute step workout effectively activates the glutes and hamstrings. This routine uses elements of plyometrics to enhance your speed and strength while burning calories and reshaping your entire body. It’s not just stepping up and down…this workout includes squats, jumps, and lunges for a complete fat-burning butt and thighs routine. 

Like any exercise, it’s important to focus on form. Here are four steps to get the most out of your workout:

  • Posture Performance
    Proper posture while stepping is more than just standing up straight. It’s about correct alignment to reduce strain. Start by engaging the core and glutes. Lift the chest as you pull shoulders back and down (no hunching allowed!), then tuck the pelvis under a bit. Always keep your neck relaxed and look ahead.

  • Leg Power
    Of course, stepping starts with your legs. To prevent stress on the lower back, press one foot firmly into the ground while lifting the other. Be sure to place your feet fully on the step platform, not hanging over an edge. Also, avoid bending at the waist (remember, posture).
  • Keep It Close
    You don’t have to take giant steps to for the exercise to be effective. Each step down should be approximately one shoe length away from the platform. Press into the heel for extra shock absorption. However, for moves that do require a bigger step back, press into the front of the foot.
  • Arm Movements
    Just because you’re stepping doesn’t mean you can’t get an upper body workout, too. I add arm and shoulder movements for a more full-body effect. For extra resistance, grab hand weights. 

I love that step workouts never really go out of style because they consistently deliver on results. Join me with this quick 10-minute workout, and you’ll be a fan, too!