10-Min Glute-Rounding Step Workout

When I want a workout that targets my glutes and thighs, that burns loads of calories quickly, that’s low impact but gives me the cardio I need–that makes me feel great all over– I hit the steps.

Having a step is a must-have piece of equipment in your fitness toolbox because of its convenience and versatility. 

Today’s 10-minute step workout effectively activates the glutes and the hamstrings. This routine uses elements of plyometrics, which enhance your speed and strength while burning calories and reshaping your entire body. It’s not just stepping up and down… this workout includes squats, jumps, and lunges for a complete fat-burning butt and thighs routine.  

Step aerobics is much more than an up-tempo way to burn calories, have fun, and develop a lean lower body.

Through the years, I’ve produced multiple step videos, and here are 4 surprising reasons why step aerobics is a top workout of choice…

The Buns:

First, Stepping is all about the glutes and thighs. You cannot do a step routine without getting your buns and upper leg muscles in the game. These muscles are built for stepping, for moving your legs up and down. Other exercises try to “target” glutes and thighs, stepping kicks them in. With stepping you are sculpting and toning almost on automatic. Want your jeans to fit better? Oh yeah, steps, baby.


Ever hear a doctor say take the elevator instead of the stairs to get your heart going? I don’t think so. Steps raise your pulse rate quickly and keep it there; even a four-minute step routine has great cardio benefits. Toss in some weights and moves for an added upper body bonus guaranteed to keep your heart rate up and sculpt at the same time.

Calorie Burn: 

Walking is a preferred form of exercise—among my favorites—but stepping burns up to three times the calories than walking on level ground does, while improving balance, hip flexibility and stamina all at the same time. And—speaking of time—it takes less time out of my day to get that fantastic workout in.

Low Impact: 

Of all the exercise modalities I practice, stepping is at the top of the list for being easy on my joints. Stepping is low impact, yet I can still workout to the high energy music I love without fear of hammering my joints. I love the flexibility of being able to adjust the height of the step to make the routine more challenging, without the risk of high impact.
In the fitness world, steps are classic and keep on giving for good reason: it’s a tried and true form of exercise whose benefits have withstood the test of time. Join me in this 10-min step workout video  it up and feel the difference!