10-Min Audio


Anything worth accomplishing takes time, patience and perspective…especially when the goal involves a lifestyle change, such as losing weight, adjusting your eating patterns, or developing a strength training habit.

That’s why it’s important to think progress, not perfection!

All the little changes you make along the way will add up to large changes overall, and that process doesn’t happen overnight.

When your motivation is needing a recharge, press play on today’s 10-minute Motivation audio to put a pep in your step. This visualization is a valuable tool for helping you get (and stay) on track!

Sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up, or as my mom used to say, a “kick in the pants” to get moving. Today’s Motivation audio can be be your official pant kicking 😉

As you make adjustments in your food and movement, consider how a simple tool like  this can serve you in developing strong, sustainable habits.

You’re more likely to make healthy choices when you team up with an accountability partner.

Research from a 2018  North Carolina State University study found that participants who were on a weight loss program lost more inches and weight when they had buddy support.

Having a friend on the journey with you adds gentle peer pressure, support, and an opportunity to celebrate small victories along the way.

The Fit Over 40 Facebook group is an online support group with 80,000 people from across the world waiting to cheer you on Together, you can accomplish any goal.

In this private group, you can post when you complete a goal, or share on days you’re struggling. When you declare a goal, you’ll receive comments of encouragement from like-minded online friends, and you may even meet your next workout buddy to join your journey!