1 Pilates Move to

Strengthen Your Core

If you’re looking to develop a strong core, excellent posture, and a balanced, aligned body need look no further than Pilates. 

This powerful Pilates move called “The Scoop” is deceivingly simple. It tones and sculpts your abs while changing the way you use your body by activating your “powerhouse.” In this move, you form a letter C when you round and curl. This scoop focuses on the transverse abdominis while stretching the entire vertebrae of the spine. By utilizing a slow and controlled pace and mental focus, you’ll firm your abs and achieve POWERFUL results!

Here’s how to do “The Scoop”…
1. Lie on the ground looking at the ceiling with your arms resting on floor above head.
2. Without using momentum, lift arms up so wrists are directly over shoulders.
3. On an exhale, roll up to a seated position, pulling your navel into your spine.
4. Keeping your body in control, roll all the way back down.

In non-Pilates lingo, the “powerhouse” means everything that lives below your ribs to your glutes, which includes all of your ab muscles. Having strong powerhouse muscles makes a stable foundation for every other activity. Yes, that means it makes squats and burpees easier. 

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Trim Away Inches and Strengthen Your Powerhouse

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