Firm Inner Thighs…

Try This Move!

Women ask me about how to firm their inner thighs almost as much as they ask about banishing belly fat, how many carbs they can eat and still lose weight, and the true meaning of life. 😉 

The solution to say goodbye to thigh jiggle? Inner thigh raises. This classic Pilates move is the opposite motion of a side leg raise. If you have proper form (which I’ll teach you in today’s video), then you’ll feel it strengthening the inner thigh with a bonus toning of the abdominals. Want to increase the intensity? Add a light dumbbell or an ankle weight to your lifting leg.

To get the most out of this move, be sure to engage your core and use that powerhouse to keep your body stable and upright while the inner thigh works to lift your leg. And, keep your hips stacked and don’t let your top hip to roll behind you or toward your bent knee. 

The inner thigh muscles are often neglected during everyday activities, so spending a few minutes targeting them every day can help stabilize the hip and knee joints.

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