#1 Exercise To Protect Your Knees

Your body’s changing, and so should the way you exercise! After age 50, the risk of osteoarthritis increases, and continues to rise each year, so prevention is critical.

What’s the best way to keep your knees going strong through the years?

It’s simple…a squat routine three days a week.

If you’re new two exercise, start with 8 squats per routine. As you get stronger, you can build how many squats you perform.

Because strong quads help protect the knee joint, the stronger your quads are, the less chance you have for developing knee arthritis.

Remember, it’s less about WHAT you do that makes a difference in your fitness routine as you age, and more about HOW you do it. So today, I’ll show you a 2-min video of how to do a perfect squat!

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