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Movement Focus: Circles in hips.

Reps: Ten circles in each direction with your hands to your head; ten circles in each direction with your hands on your hips.

1. Place your feet three and a half to four feet apart and turn them out slightly (no more than forty-five degrees). Bend your knees, lowering your pelvis toward the Earth.

2. Draw up your inner arches as you root down into the Earth through all four corners of each foot.

3. Press your outer knees toward your little toes, keeping your knees stacked over your ankles. Do not let your ankles collapse inward.

4. Keep your spine perpendicular to the ground.

5. Place your hands on your waist and keep your knees bent.

6. Trace a circle with your hips, rotating your pelvis clockwise ten times. Repeat the circles ten more times in each direction with your hands on your hips.

Mental Focus: Enjoy the way in which the rotation of the pelvis generates a revitalizing Shakti (feminine life force) within you. Can you allow the powerful movement of your hips to spiral up your spine and into your heart and shoulders?