NEW Formula To TIGHTEN The Lower Belly Pooch  (VIDEO!)

The elusive toned lower tummy can be a challenge to achieve as you age. So if it seems as if no matter how much training you do and your lower-belly pooch won’t tighten, here’s why… Changes in your hormones encourage extra calories to make a beeline for your belly, where they’re then stored as fat.

When it comes to losing the pooch, the solution is a two-part equation. The first step is to tone the stuff you can cinch (muscle), and the next step is to burn the stuff you can pinch (fat).

Remember, when you’re trying to tighten your lower abs, not all strengthening moves are created equal. The truth is, most routines fall short when trying to reach those tough-to-get-to muscles in the lower part of the tummy.

Today, I’ll  show you a BRAND NEW video with a few moves that I learned in NYC this week that hit that sweet spot in the lower part of your torso. In fact, I’m challenging you to incorporate this effective barre-style workout combo into your ab routine 3 times this week!

Ready to say “see ya” to those Spanx? The moves in this new video will leave your abdominals feeling tight, toned and strong…

Part two in the slim-abs equation is to burn the fat that tends to creep around your midsection as you age.

Listen to this…a study from the University of Vermont tested 178 women ages 20-60, each within a healthy weight range. Results showed that the oldest participant had 55% more abdominal fat than the youngest!
We all have two types of fat… subcutaneous, which is underneath the skin, and visceral fat,which is marbled through the organs and muscles (that’s the most dangerous type). The best way to get rid of both kinds is is to keep your body guessing and strike a balance between moderately-paced workouts, and HIIT workouts.

Here’s day-by-day calendar of what workout to do each day to supercharge your results and incinerate tummy fat before summer!

Sunday – hiking or interval walking
Monday – yoga
Tuesday – circuit training
Wednesday – wild card
Thursday – pilates
Friday – strength training
Saturday – spinning

Wednesday is the “Wild Card” day because your freebie day – not you “day off” from exercising, but a day to do anything and everything you might want. That might mean an exciting new class, whether it’s dancing or indoor rowing – or it might mean another day of cardio, strength training, yoga, or pilates, depending on what my body needs, and what will “surprise” it. On my Wild Card day this week, I tried Bergen’s Cardio Fusion class at Exhale in NYC. This 45-minute class was an intense mix of kickboxing and plyometric moves, high-intensity intervals…it definitely got my heart pumping! Sweat factor: 5/5.


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