Ageless Energy: Re-Awaken Your Youthful Spirit

Description: When it comes to regaining energy and losing weight, there are no quick fixes. The real deal on what it really takes to uproot old habits and replace them with new ones…step-by-step, simple, and actionable. Kathy Smith shares her remarkable story, and cutting-edge techniques that she’s learned over 35 years in the health and fitness industry, and through interviewing world-class researchers. Kathy has developed an approach about staying younger longer…specifically what types of movements are really needed to maintain a healthy body as you age.

Key Lessons:

● What exercises generate force great enough to help build bone and perhaps even replace lost bone, and the truth of much g-force is needed to stimulate bone

● How coordination-based routines can fortify your brain against the impacts of aging and improve memory, learning and balance.

● The important difference between muscle fibers (slow twitch, fast twitch and super fast twitch), and what movements are best to activate them with age

● Keys to reinventing yourself when you feel uncertain about your future, are in the middle changing jobs, changing relationships, or just experiencing blocks.

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Kathy Smith is an amazing speaker, and her energy is infectious. The audience relates to her in such a meaningful way. Her personal story is inspiring, and her interactive, hands-on presentations make it an event people will never forget.
Aimee Armer

Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Kathy is a fitness icon and an inspiration to all. From the moment she walked on our stage, the audience was entranced. Her stories were relatable and her message was spot on. Kathy is genuine, warm, friendly and helpful. We’ve been putting on events for years and I can say unequivocally that Kathy’s presentation was the most popular we’ve ever had.

Founder, Brain Tap Technologies

Kathy did a sensational job inspiring my members. SuperConference was ultra-successful and her energy, presence and presentation contributed to that. I continue to get excellent feedback from the doctors in attendance about Kathy’s class, practical information, spot on questions and interactive style. Kathy is such a class act.
Bob Hoffman

President and CEO, The Masters Circle