Red, White and Blue…Free Workout For You!

Time for some summer FUN! Whether you’re enjoying a warm-weather getaway, a party at the beach, or a BBQ in your own backyard, it’s easy to light up your metabolism before the he festivities begin! Get started with this 12-minute circuit routine that works... read more

4th of July Workout

The pinnacle of summer has arrived! Whether you’re rockin’ your red white and blue while on vacation, or having the holiday to remember in your own backyard, don’t forget to explode a few calories before the day begins. Have a firework display for... read more
Raw Cacao and Avocado Smoothie

Raw Cacao and Avocado Smoothie

Ingredients: 1/4  avocado 1 Tbsp cocoa powder 1 1/2 tsp cacao nibs 1/4 C raw pumpkin seeds 1 serving chocolate protein powder…check out the KS Wellness Shake 8 oz unsweetened almond milk Handful of ice Directions: Blend all ingredients together, and enjoy!... read more

10-Min Stretch & Flex Video

What do you plan to do with your one precious life? I plan to live passionately! One of my favorite parts of living in Park City is I’m surrounded by mountains, and can easily escape into the fresh air, set my imagination free, and breathe through whatever... read more

Healthy State of Mind!

HEALTHY STATE OF MIND! You’re never too young to start taking care of your brain! In my final relaxation pose at Tadasana Yoga Studio this morning, Audra Mae’s beautiful rendition... read more

Coordination Routine To Improve Brain Function

DON’T FORGET…ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN! 80% of what your abs look like depends on what you eat. An essential step to eliminating belly fat is balancing your blood sugar. By emphasizing protein at each meal and limiting your non-veggie carb intake, you... read more

Secrets to a Great Upper Body – Deltoids

ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS…UNBEATABLE TASTE! Not All Protein Shakes Are Created Equal! Read the Labels and See the Difference! Go to any health food store and you’ll see – there are a lot of protein powders out there! Even if you try to read the labels, it can be... read more