Here’s What Women Are Saying About Kathy’s Digital Workout Challenges….

After completing the Challenge, I have finally lost 4 of the 10 “pesky” pounds I want to lose!


I love the variety of workouts. I have a pretty consistent workout routine, but am always questioning how many days/week to weight train versus HiiT, versus non HiiT cardio vs flexibility for losing weight. I am 54 years old, 5’6 and 160, so have about 20 pounds to lose. The 21- day challenge is providing a good approach to understanding how to ensure I hit all areas of the fitness triangle: strength, cardio and flexibility. Also, as a university professor, the stress this time of year with both finals and the holiday makes the length of the workouts do-able. Thank you!


Thank you so much for the Challenge — I’ve enjoyed it immensely. I’ve been working out with Kathy Smith since I was 20 something–and I appreciate her ongoing, life changing impact on my life now that I’m a few months away from turning 55. My metabolic age is 39, and I know it has a great deal to do with the consistency of making Kathy Smith workouts a regular part of my workouts over all these years!


I finished the 28 Day Challenge today. I enjoyed doing it very much! I did all the workouts. It was great to have the support. I appreciate the work you are doing to encourage people in areas of exercise and good health.


What’s Included In The 21-Day Winter Workout Challenge?

  • For 21 days, I’ll send you a new workout every day. From videos to audio workouts, from walking to strength training to barre, your workout will be delivered straight to your email bright and early every morning. And, your first workout will arrive within 24 hours of signing up!
  • New recipes every day! Learn how to transform your body in a healthy way with snack recipes under 200 calories, instant energy boosters, fun ways to spice up your salad, and nutrition-packed dinner recipes that will become your new comfort food favorites!
  • The workouts are 100% digital, so there’s no shipping, and you can start today!

Only $29.99!