New Workout!


Take pride in your midsection, and make it the focal point of your routine this week. Not just because your abs will look a lot better, but because if your core is unhealthy, it will compromise the health of your entire system.

The core is place where all movement is initiated, and the source of your body’s deepest powers. It’s also the factor that determines whether you move freely and with ease, or whether you’re weighed down by aches and pains. A strong core makes everything easier…each bike ride, run, and walk.

Remember, having flat abs isn’t just about vanity. Extra weight around your tummy triggers greater amounts of inflammation, putting your body at an increased risk for heart disease and diabetes.

A toned midsection is on so many women’s wish-list because of the visual appeal. But, strong abs allow you to do so much more, including…

  • Avoid low back pain by keeping you strong and flexible
  • Enjoy activities such as tennis, golf, kayaking, and gardening by stabilizing your core and adding power
  • Sleep, move and sit more comfortably because of less back pain and stiffness
  •  Enhance your stability and balance which makes all activities easier and can help prevent falls 
  • Reclaim your posture so you move more effortlessly throughout the day and look 10 pounds thinner

Keep your ab routine fresh with this 15-minute workout to fine-tune your midsection. It’s packed with ab-centric moves so your strong abs will be front and center.  Even if you have a strong core, this move will take your routine to a whole new level.